You can have YOUR CUSTOM DESIGN made into a button, or if you have an idea WE can design it for you!

Use our buttons to get your message out, for advertising, for fundraisers, or any other idea you can think of! Just email us your idea and we'll design your badge for you! COMING SOON: Specifications and templates to create your own ready-to-press designs!

We can also provide specialty button designs for specific needs. Here are some ideas and special services we can provide to make our buttons work for you:

CONVENTION/EVENT BADGES: This special design incorporates your event logo and info along with a blank space to write the attendee's name (using a permanent marker). We can create multiple designs (for different types of event registrations like dealers, special guests or 1 day passes), and we can decrease the chance of reproduction by individually numbering badges and/or using non-reproducable materials (such as metallic, prismatic or thermochromic paper).

SECURE ACCESS BADGES: High visibility designs and non-reproducible patterns and materials can make access to restricted areas easy and secure for your event staff. Badges can also be individually numbered for verification.




For more information and pricing on custom badges including Advanced Design Services and reproduction prevention, email us with your ideas and needs at

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